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7 dimensions of wellness

Physical Wellness

Dig out the old physics books, Sir Isaac Newton was right! Granted there is a little bit of paraphrasing here, but a body in motion, tends to stay in motion, and a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Our physical wellness depends on proper amounts of physical activity as well as eating proper nutrition and engaging in any other activities that support one bodily health.  




We all know that having a good day every day is nearly impossible. But your ability to acknowledge your feelings and express your emotions constructively can help put you back on track. Whether that is talking to a spouse or family member, with your best friend, or to a trained professional. Having a positive attitude and opening up to someone will help support your emotional wellness.




Keep challenging your brain to learn new things. Don’t let it get soft and spend the evening on the couch crushing a bag of chips. Challenge yourself to think about a current challenge that you face in a new way. Maybe enhance and hone your skills for your current job, maybe you need a new job that pushes you out of the nest which is your proverbial comfort zone. Challenge your brain to think differently and you will learn continuously which helps support intellectual wellness. Shut off your daily programming from the black box in your living room. 


Spiritual Wellness


“Cogito, ergo sum” or “I think, therefore I am” is a famous quote from René Descartes which happens to be his meaning or his purpose. Spiritual wellness can be found when you seek to answer such questions as why do I exist? What is my purpose? Or what is the meaning to life? Some may find answers through prayer while others might find it through meditation… To each their own. I know I find a lot of spiritual wellness when out in nature.


Environmental Wellness


There are many facets to environmental wellness, but balance can be achieved when you work to diminish the negative effects that you may have on the environment. This includes conserving resources when able, being mindful of everything that you consume, and recycle your shit Karen!! Leave the place cleaner than what it was when you arrived…


SOCIAL Wellness


Surround yourself with good people, family and friends. Limit the amount of time you spend around those who you know are bad to be around or tend to bring out the worst in you. We all know and have those people in our lives. Cut them loose. Life is too short to surround yourselves with bad people when there are so many better ones out there. Again, surround yourself with good people and focus on creating beneficial connections. This can be with your family, friends, work group, and community groups. 


occupational Wellness

You might not believe me when I say this, but greater than 50% of people do not enjoy what they do for work. Granted, we have all been in situations where we needed a job just to pay bills, but what are you doing sitting at a job that you don’t like? Only you can make the necessary changes to find the balance between feeling fulfilled in your workplace and having balance between you other responsibilities in life. Start working towards advancing your current job skills, find a job in a more interesting field. Go back to school, or start your own business! Stop being the doorstop for the door you really want to get through. It is your choice!

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