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In a year when there hasn’t been a whole lot of good news, we simply decided to just shut it off, literally. It was fairly early on in this pandemic when my wife and I realized how much of a grip COVID and negative Nancy news stations were impacting our health, and not for the better. We both realized early on that we were going to be dealing with this bug for sometime and we were not going to let it run our lives, instead, we were going utilize it as a push out of the proverbial nest. We either had to spread our wings and fly, or drop the 20 feet to the ground kicking and a fluttering, but one thing was for sure, we were both leaving our comfort zone and embarking on a new endeavor.


It would be fair to say that COVID was the catalyst that got the fire burning under our bums. At one point, during the beginning of this pandemic, we both legitimately felt that this bug had the potential to take one of us out because we had seen what it could do to otherwise healthy individuals with no prior medical history. It was a giant wakeup call and made us ask ourselves if we are living up to our potential every day because there is no guarantee of tomorrow. I don’t mean to sound morbid or callus, but you literally have no idea what may or may not happen to you. A business of some sort has always been on our mind in some form or another for at least ten years. We always had some idea buzzing around in our brain buckets while out skiing, out exploring, or out traveling. We both would constantly say to one another  “We should do that some day!” Well, we got news for you, that day is now and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

We chose the name 7 North Co for many reasons. The one that is the foundation of the company is that there are 7 dimensions to wellness… Some are very apparent, and others, not so much but we will get into the meaning of each. The seven dimensions are comprised of physical wellness, emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, spiritual wellness, environmental wellness, social wellness, and occupational wellness. You must have a balance between all of them to achieve or obtain a healthy lifestyle. When you become out of balance with one category, that can affect you in other areas as well. For example, if your occupational wellness is affected because you can’t stand your job because it is not challenging for you, most likely your intellectual wellness will suffer as well. It is our hope that our website and blog posts will help guide, inspire, and drive you to choose the path of living a healthy lifestyle. Balance between all dimensions is key.

"You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream." - C.S. Lewis

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